Chakra Healing

chakra healing

Chakra Healing can make a profound difference in your body and mind. To encourage healing, it helps to understand how this ancient system works. In my Cork Reiki Practice, I implement this understanding and it’s made a huge difference in my personal life as well as those of my clients.

What are your chakras?

The chakra system is an ancient concept coming from the Indian Vedic texts – a body of Sanskrit scriptures written between 1500 and 1000 bc. Your chakras are energy centres in the body responsible for your wellbeing and overall energy. Every person has an energy field consisting of 7 layers ( Some theories say there are more than 7 layers). Within our energy fields, we actually have 114 chakras or energy centres but mainly we speak about the 7 major, most powerful chakras. These chakras are responsible for our relationship to ourselves, our environments and everything around us. They intake and process energy and also feed energy outwards. Each of these 7 chakras resonates at a different vibration and has different functions and associations.


Chakra Healing: What do the 7 chakras do?

Each chakra has different functions but they all connect and influence each other too. This is a basic explanation as it is potentially such an in depth topic and the learning is endless. On top of this there are differing opinions sometimes as to the different fuctions of the centres so I am including the commonly agreed upon information and what personally resonates with me. Also you could say that each individual chakra has some connection to every part of the body and impacts every emotion, thought and behaviour pattern but i`ll try and keep it simple!


The root chakra – Muladhara

The root chakra is our foundation chakra. In sanskrit Mula means root and dhara means support. This chakra is located at the perineum between the anus and vulva or scrotum. The colour of this chakra is red. It is concerned with our survival instincts and defines our relationship to the earth. It is in essence our grounding centre and connected to our safety, security and sense of belonging here in our physical bodies on this earth. When this chakra is in balance we feel our ability to meet our basic needs is intact and we feel safe in a general sense. We don`t question our right to be here. When imbalanced we may expereince the reoccuring themes of financial issues, food issues and a general insecurity of the self. Physically we may experience urinary issues, problems with feet, legs, poor hips and compromised immunity.

The sacral chakra – Svadhisthana

chakra healing

This chakra is located just below the navel. Translated from Sanskrit it means “your own place”. The colour of this chakra is orange. It is located just below the navel. It`s associated witth

creativity, pleasure, sexuality, feelings, emotions and relationships. When in balance we honour the other in relationship while simultaneously honouring ourselves and we do not become overly

attached to others or codependent. Similarly we are not disconnected or unhealthily independent. The emotions are balanced and we are in tune with them and able to feel and release. This is also the chakra of intuition and when balanced we can trust our gut feelings. When imbalanced we may experience over attachment, codependency and be either out of touch or overwhelmed by our feelings. We may be creatively blocked and either over indulge in pleasurable pursuits or take little pleasure in life. On a physical level we may have menstrual issues, fertility issues, lower back pain, pancreas, spleen or colon problems.

Solar plexus chakra – Manipura

This chakra is located just beneath the breast bone and above the navel. The meaning of Manipura is the “city of jewels”. It is the centre associated with willpower, ego, personality, self esteem and sense of self. It is where our personal power resides. The colour of this chakra is yellow. It is a what I think of as the action chakra. The idea may be conceived in the sacral chakra and the power to carry it out may come from the sacral chakra. When this chakra is balanced we acknowledge our personal power in a healthy way. The power is in line with the heart chakra. We will have a good sense of self esteem and sense of self. Our boundaries are strong and healthy without being aggressive. There is a sense of value in self and life. Imbalances may manifest as feelings of helplessness, powerlessness or overly asserting our will onto others. We may be overly doing instead of being or the opposite. We may have poor self esteem or be arrogant. This chakra is also associated with codependency or unhelathy attachments. Physical imbalances include digestive problems, diabetes, ulcers, chronic fatigue, liver and gall bladder issues.

Chakra Healing Through the Heart chakra – Anahata

The anahata chakra resides in the centre of the chest, just above and centre of our physical heart. The colour of this chakra is green or pink. The heart chakra is the bridge between the lower chakras and upper chakras and is viewed as the centre of the chakra system. The meaning of Anahata is “unhurt, unstuck or unbeaten.” This chakra is all about unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance. It is a centre that a lot of healing comes to fruition through. When open and balanced we expereince peace and connectedness with ourselves and others and we have a compasssionate view of ourselves and others. When out of balance we may experience resentment, stuck sadness and grief and isolation. Physical symptoms may include heart and lung issues, thymus issues and shoulder or upper back problems.

Throat chakra – Vishudda

This centre is located at the base opf the throat. The colour associate is blue. The meaning of this chakra is “especially pure”. It is the centre of communication, self expression, truth and listening. The fifth chakra is associated with the thyroid, jaw, neck, and mouth. When this chakra is balanced we speak our truth kindly but consistently. We are able to express ourselves creatively and we are not afraid to express our needs and desires. When out of balance we may be pushing our emotions down or we might be unable to contain our energy. It is also the centre of manifestation, where our inner world becomes spoken and ultimately manifested into physical creation. We may experience problems of the mouth, jaw, neck, throat or thyroid when this centre is imbalanced.


Third eye chakra – Ajna

This chakra is located at the brow point between and slightly above the brows. This chakras colour is indigo and is concerned with intuition, insight, perception, imagination, transcendency, higher consciousness and self realisation. It is also responsible for clarity of thought. When this chakra is balanced you will be able to clearly connect to your intution, have a feeling of clear purpose and focus and see the bigger picture of life. The meaning of ajna is “to perceive” or “to command” Physically this chakra is linked to the eyes, the brain, the nervous system, the pineal and pituitary gland in the brain and also the sinuses. Imbalances in this chakra may physically manifest as headaches, migraines, sinus issues, seizures, eyesight problems and excessive or deficient sleeping patterns. Mentally or emotionally, when imbalanced, we may have feelings of lethargy, pointlessness, depression or an overactive nervous energy or mania. In these cases, chakra healing can help profoundly.

Crown chakra – Sahasrara

This chakra is located at the top of the head and is associated with the colour violet. The meaning of Sahasrara is “thousand petaled.” This centre is all about our connection the divine. It`s function is unity conciousness in which we realise that everything is connected and one. It is about our universal identity and spirit rather than our individual personalities. When balanced we are able to connect to spirit/source and realise that there is a much bigger purpose in life. When imbalanced we may struggle to connect and feel isolated, alone or completely self sufficent in an excessive way. Conversely we may be too open and “floaty”. In other words forgetting about our bodily and human needs and spending too much time daydreaming or in pursuit of enlightenment. On a physical level this chakra shares some connections with the ajna as is also connected to the nervous system, pineal and pituatary gland.


How do the chakras become imbalanced?

Chakra healing is required when we become imbalanced. This can happen through various experiences. If we experience trauma – physical, emotional,mental or spiritual and do not process and release it at the time – these traumas become stuck or stored in the chakras. We often build up belief systems or meanings around these experiences. For example, as children, when we have not fully formed a balanced way of thinking or processing information, we relate everything that happens to us. A fight between parents, which experienced as an adult may be completely understood and hold no major meaning for us, or understood as impersonal, can be experienced as something personal and frightening as a child. We may take various beliefs away from this such as “i need to fix this” due to fear of not having both parents in the home. Or “this is my fault.” Or we may think “if i did better this wouldn`t happen”. These types of beliefs can reside in the chakras and be experienced every time conflict arises as an adult. Also if we are living imbalanced lifestyles, too much work, too little relaxation or fun for example, our chakras will become imbalanced.


Chakra Healing: How do I balance and heal?

Chakra healing can be encouraged in many ways. Whether it’s through Reiki, Reflexology, or some other approach, since everything we do affects our energy, then there are a million ways to affect our chakras for better or worse. Healthy lifestyle changes will help us in many ways, however sometimes for deeper issues we need a helping hand to help heal the roots of trauma. Energy healing comes in many forms – sound healing, reiki, shamanic healing, angel therapy – the list is extensive. I personally offer bodywork such as holistic massage, reflexology and reiki tummo. All these treatments can help to process and heal heavy energy stored in the body. Talk therapy combined with energy healing or body therapy is an extemely effective method as you are identifying and speaking the issues out loud as well as releasing them on an energetic level.


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Happy healing!