Deep Tissue Massage, Cork City Centre

Deep Tissue Massage use firmer, deeper pressure and slow movements to target deeper tension and problem areas. Good for chronic tension, stiffness and injuries. This massage uses different techniques to break down knotted muscle fibres and lengthen and stretch the muscles and fascia where needed.

Deep tissue massage is a massage that generally will
have deeper pressure than a holistic massage. Although a holistic massage may
also be deep when required, it is a given with deep tissue that the deeper
muscles will be worked on and the aim is to work out deeper knots, tension and
“holding” in the muscles. It is a very relaxing massage despite the pressure.
The techniques are slow and flowing. Deeper massage is more effective at
reducing heart rate thus deeply relaxing. However I will of course adapt to
your needs and use lighter pressure where needed.

Many of my clients come for deep tissue when they have
deep tension in the muscles, general stiffness, soreness and achiness. I often
find this is the case with desk jobs or people who spend a lot of time
travelling and driving. Clients also use it as a relaxation method as the slow
and flowing techniques lower the heart rate, reduce the production of cortisol
and encourage production of serotonin and oxytocin- the bonding and happy
hormones. This massage is also very releasing emotionally and energetically as
the muscles and surrounding skin or fascia hold onto trauma and emotions.
Therefore releasing these blockages physically can aid in mental/emotional
release too.

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

Treats chronic muscle pain including chronic back pain

By manipulating deep layers of tissue including the
fascia, stimulating flow of blood and nutrients to the muscle, using techniques
to lengthen and release tangled muscle fibres and techniques that interrupt the
pain cycle, deep tissue can significantly reduce muscle pain.

Reduces symptoms of inflammatory conditions that affect the muscular-skeletal system
like arthritis and fibromyalgia

Deep tissue massage is more effective than Swedish
massage at creating the relaxation response as it lowers the heart rate. As
stress contributes to inflammation and muscular tension, the greater the
relaxation response, the greater benefit will be felt. Massage will also
improve the mobility of joints and decrease swelling making arthritis,
osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia symptoms less painful and increasing efficiency
of joint and muscle mobility. I always ensure that I adapt to client`s needs so
in the case of inflammatory conditions I will use a combination of deep tissue,
lighter techniques, acupressure points, reflex points and essential oils based
on your needs to work the best for your symptoms.

Reduces stress anxiety and depression

Deep tissue uses long, slow and flowing techniques
that are extremely relaxing to body and mind. 
Serotonin and oxytocin are released- these hormones are significantly
lower in people who suffer from chronic stress, anxiety and depression. Also
cortisol, one of the fight or flight hormones is decreased.  Clients often report feelings of increased
self-esteem and wellbeing when using massage therapy regularly.


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If you have any injuries or pain I also provide Sports Massage.