Holistic Massage Cork

My name is Lindsay and I provide Holistic Massage in Cork City Centre.

Holistic massage takes into account the client as a whole body, mind and spirit. This treatment is based on what is happening in your physical body, your lifestyle, your stress levels and your circumstances. The focus is on balancing and nurturing and a combination of techniques are used based on what your body is saying and the information you provide. In this treatment I use deep or light pressure depending on your body, a variety of massage techniques, essential oils, acupressure points and reflexology points where appropriate. The intention is to create a nurturing space where the client feels acknowledged and recognised.

Clients who come to me for Holistic massage are looking to rebalance body, mind and spirit while receiving the healing power of touch. Sometimes clients have physical conditions or muscle pain or sometimes mental/emotional stress. Sometimes it is simply a need for T.L.C. something we all need and can find hard to ask for at times. I tailor this massage to your needs and work in a way that is highly intuitive.

There are many benefits to holistic massage including:

Mentally/emotionally soothing and nurturing

Holistic massage is taking your needs into account and the intention is to provide a nurturing treatment for the client. I believe Intention is very powerful. I will always set an intention based on your needs.

Reduces muscular tension and pain

Even though this is a soothing and relaxing treatment, it can also involve deeper pressure where needed and aims to release muscular tension and pain with a variety of massage techniques.

Reduces stress, anxiety and depression

Clients tend to find Holistic Massage emotionally releasing and relieving. On the physical level it releases feel-good hormones serotonin and oxytocin and reduces cortisol production, it lowers the heart rate and soothes the nervous system. On the mental/emotional level, it is beneficial as the client feels listened to and considered and that their needs are acted upon. It often increases feelings of self-esteem as the client is always actually the healer and the therapist the catalyst.

Improved immune function

Chronic stress significantly lowers immunity. By decreasing activation of the sympathetic “ fight, flight or freeze” branch of the nervous system and stimulating the parasympathetic “rest and digest” branch, the immune system can perform its job better. Also, massage will help the lymphatic system to work more efficiently by returning waste products to the lymph nodes to be filtered and destroyed and the lymphatic system plays a major role in our overall immune function.

Reduces symptoms of inflammatory conditions

By reducing stress and increasing relaxation. Also as part of holistic massage, acupressure and reflex points may be used depending on the symptoms that are present all helping to reduce symptoms and free up energetic blockages.

By decreasing activation of the sympathetic “fight, flight or freeze” branch of the nervous system and stimulating the parasympathetic “rest and digest” branch, the immune system can perform its job better.

If you’d like to book a holistic massage in Cork, please contact me today on 085 772 1617 or email me at lindsay@misneachtherapy.com

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