Reflexology is a grounding, relaxing and rebalancing therapy that works off an ancient energy meridian system that aims to unblock energy in the body. Reflexes or points in the feet correspond to the body`s systems and organs. 

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Your feet are essentially a map of your body and I work on specific points on the feet by applying firm pressure to unblock these areas. The blockage is described as an area that can feel “crunchy” or “grainy”. Sometimes it appears swollen or puffy.

 The great thing about reflexology is that all the reflexes are worked so there is no system or organ that doesn`t receive attention. I start the treatment with a relaxing foot soak while we do a consultation and follow it with the main reflexology session. The client is fully clothed and either lying or sitting up on a massage plinth and covered with a blanket. I finish the session with a relaxing foot massage with oils. If any areas need to be worked on again I will work these reflexes at this stage.

My clients who come for reflexology are usually seeking grounding and relaxation. A lot of the time my clients are using it as a way of allowing the body to heal naturally as it works on blockages that we are not even aware of and allows our energy to flow freely through the body and energy field surrounding the body. Reflexology also is a great tool for connecting to ourselves and what is happening in our bodies as often times working on certain reflexes will produce a sensation in another part of the body. I also have clients who like to receive the healing power of touch and the release of blockages who find that massage is ineffective or who prefer not to receive massage. I have many clients using it as an aid for symptom decrease with inflammatory conditions and allergies. I.B.S, arthritis and fibromyalgia to name a few.


What Are The  Benefits to Reflexology?

Releasing blockages to help the body heal naturally

Reflexology is a wonderful therapy as the feet will tell us where there is a blockage you don’t need to figure it out! The reflexes are worked on till the blockages feel sufficiently broken up and with all reflexes worked on, energy will flow much more freely through the body. When energy flows freely through the body the body is much more able to heal naturally.

Reduces stress, anxiety and depression

The healing benefits of reflexology extend to the mind too! Reflexology brings about a relaxation response and decreases the “fight, flight or freeze response of the nervous system. So many systems are connected to and involves with these conditions such as the nervous system and endocrine (hormonal) system. Working these reflexes will have a beneficial impact on stress, anxiety and depression.

Helps to alleviate symptoms of inflammatory conditions

I.B.S., sinusitis, arthritis, fibromyalgia etc. Since these conditions are largely contributed to by stress, the relaxation response activated will help the body to relax and heal. Also working on the reflexes associated with the condition will help to alleviate symptoms.


Reflexology speeds up detoxification and many clients report increased urination, defecation, tiredness or feeling emotional. Sometimes the treatment will bring certain symptoms to surface and they may seem more obvious for a day or two after treatment. This is perfectly normal as part of the detoxification and natural healing process. They are felt and released. “You have to feel it to heal it!” as the saying goes!

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