Reiki Tummo

Reiki Tummo is a powerful yet gentle form of energy healing. It involves the channelling of Source energy – a very high vibrational energy. I channel this energy through my hands and it can be performed with or without my hands on the client`s body. reiki in Cork

I work in a specific approach known as ‘Reiki Tummo’. This treatment also involves the use of Kundalini energy and is very effective at clearing blockages from the lower as well as higher chakras (energy centres in the body). If you are looking for a therapy that can work on the release of blockages of physical, mental/emotional and spiritual energy at the same time then Reiki Tummo could be for you!

I have clients that come for Reiki Tummo seeking pain relief, stress relief and the releasing and changing of limiting patterns of thoughts, behaviours and feelings. Many clients are seeking the feelings of peace and self-acceptance that come from a Reiki healing. Many clients are seeking a feeling of connection to themselves and to connect what is happening in their bodies and minds to life events. Sometimes there is a particular health condition or simply a client will feel they are somehow stuck, blocked or stagnant. Reiki can help with all of these and is always working for days after the healing to rebalance our energy.

What Are The Benefits of Reiki Tummo?


Releases blockages in the energy field

When we encounter traumatic circumstances it can create blockages in our energy fields that surround the body. This field is bound to our body by the chakras (main energy centres). When in balance, this field is relatively clear of blockages and the energy is flowing freely through our surrounding energy field. However when we encounter traumatic circumstances and do not process the situation as it is occurring then the energy becomes stuck and blocked. This can manifest later as physical discomfort, limiting belief systems surrounding the event or events, pain, health conditions, mental/emotional imbalances and inflammatory conditions. Reiki Tummo can help to unblock the energy to alleviate these symptoms and leave you with feelings of balance and wellbeing.

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Supports the body in healing naturally

Reiki Tummo is a great complement to medical treatment and other complementary therapies. It is completely safe and can be done while undergoing chemotherapy, radiation and whilst on any medication. Reiki assists the body in healing by inducing a relaxed state, letting go of tension and anxiety and releasing blockages. It also helps with sleep which is an aid to natural healing.

Increases awareness and presence

Reiki Tummo can help you to release limiting patterns of behaviour and thought that can be stuck in the energy field, the more these are released, the more we can live in the present moment acting on current information rather than perceiving life through the lens of past experience. It also provides a space to look inward and become aware of what is happening in your body and mind.

Helps to maintain health and wellbeing

Since stress is the greatest cause of disease, having a relaxed nervous system will have huge benefits to our health and wellbeing. Reiki Tummo helps to turn off the “fight, flight or freeze” response of the nervous system and activate the parasympathetic branch which is associated with relaxation and calm.

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