Reiki Treatment: What is it all about?

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Reiki treatment is probably the number one therapy I do that has the most misconceptions. People tend to have lots of questions about it and there can be a lot of apprehension about it. To that end, I`ve come up with some answers to the most common questions I encounter as a practitioner of Reiki in Cork. I hope it helps!

Reiki is a form of energy healing that uses healing energy to work on our chakras or energy centers.

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Every person has seven main chakras in the body that are responsible for our overall health and wellbeing. Each chakra or center has a different resonance and purpose but they are all equally important. It is helpful to think of these centers as spinning wheels. When we encounter trauma throughout our lives (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical) that we do not process and release, these chakras become slower, heavier, and less efficient. Also with trauma we form a limiting belief system that keeps us repeating unhelpful and limiting patterns of thought and behaviour. Reiki helps to clear out these blocks in our chakras and replaces them with pretty good stuff. Think rainbows, puppies, butterflies etc. Or just peace and wellbeing, whatever. The energy is channelled through the practioners palms and the treatment can be hands on or hands off depending on the client`s preference.

What is the Best Form Of Reiki?

The kind of Reiki that is most commonly found in the west is Usui reiki – named for the founder of that branch of Reiki – Master Mikao Usui who received the Usui Reiki symbols or keys for channelling the energy whilst in meditation. Usui Reiki uses Universal Life Force energy to heal energetic imbalances. I personally trained in this type of Reiki years ago and used it on myself, friends and family. I liked it and found it powerful but I wasn`t ready to practice and fully commit to it … I had some more learning to do.

However I found my way back to Reiki treatment in the form of Reiki Tummo years later and I was home. Reiki Tummo is simply another branch of Reiki that is similar but with a few differences. The main difference is that the emphasis is on the heart chakra center which is seen as the key to connection between Self and the Divine and therefore the key to all healing. I instantly connected to this form of energy healing and found it a gorgeous, gentle and powerful practice.

Reiki Treatment: Is Reiki real?

Yes! However Reiki treatment is really a FELT experience and it is very difficult for us to wrap our minds around a healing energy that flows through us to heal our energy fields if we have not experienced it. We also are living in an excessively left brained and logical society that doesn`t teach us about energy and how to manage it and what affects it, although that is changing more and more. People feel and experience Reiki in different ways – sometimes purely as deep relaxation and restoration, other times as cold or heat, energy moving or flowing or other different physical sensations in the body. Every person is different and will have a different experience.

What is Reiki good for?

Everything! The energy works on correcting energetic imbalances or blocks in the energy field which sometimes (but not always) manifest physically as diseases, ailments, chronic conditions etc. So it is always working for better health and wellbeing on every level. It is great for anxiety, depression, stress and all physical conditions. Bear in mind that it is not a miracle cure either. It is a great tool and aid to help on the path to wellbeing. Reiki energy is infinitely wise and will only give us the healing we are ready for.

 It is also an empowering tool to help you connect to your own Self relationship and relationship to whatever you believe to be the guiding force of the universe. If you have no belief that is also completely fine … Reiki is all about giving the person what they need. It is a great space for checking in with how you are, how you feel and if you need to make any changes in life. 

Does Reiki help with anxiety and depression?

Yes. A Reiki treatment works gently on the energetic blocks that cause these symptoms so it is helpful for anxiety and depression. However it takes time to work on these conditions and I don`t claim that it is the only way to go about treating these conditions. If these conditions are severe Reiki can be a fantastic tool to use alongside psychotherapy, counselling etc. Reiki helps to take the body out of the “fight, flight or freeze” response of the nervous system to the “rest and digest” response. There are normally peaceful and relaxing feelings felt in the first session but sometimes Reiki will cleanse repressed emotions and bring them to surface so there can be a healing crisis experienced during or following treatment. This is actually a great thing! It is part of the healing process and letting go of stuck emotions.

So there you are! Just a few brief explanations to the mind-boggling mystery of it all. Seriously though, It really is a felt experience and the best way to answer the questions is to get in touch with a practitioner if you feel drawn to it and experience it for yourself. Always go with someone that feels good to you and that has certification. Maybe ask around and get some recommendations. And feel free to give me a call and I will try any answer any questions for you!