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I’m Lindsay Angus, and I practice Sports Massage in Cork.

Sports massage is excellent for relieving injury, helping injuries to heal faster and is used by sports people seeking to optimise performance pre and post event.sports massage cork city centre

However, Sports massage is not only for athletes. If you have a chronic injury or suffer from occupational injuries of the muscle, tendons or ligaments, sports massage is also for you. Sports massage differs from holistic massage in that it is focused more on the physical and a specific injury but it can also be relaxing and stress relieving. It also helps you to feel active in your own recovery process.


I assess my clients to find the cause or possible cause of injury and also take into account posture and lifestyle. I will create a treatment plan specific to your needs and provide aftercare advice.

sports massage cork

A variety of techniques are used in Sports Massage, depending on the injury or desired outcome. For example, myofascial release- a technique to release the sheath that surrounds the muscle, Neuromuscular technique — a technique using deep pressure focused on hyper-tense areas to interrupt the muscular contraction.

I also use the Muscle Energy Technique — a technique to lengthen the muscle and increase range of motion in which the client is an active participant. These are used in conjunction with a variety of other techniques to help bring about the desired outcome.


What Are The Benefits of Sports Massage?


Helps injury to heal and decreases recovery time

Sports massage helps injured tissue to heal in the correct manner, breaking down adhesions and scarring. The repair of tissue that is massaged is 5-7 times faster than tissue that is not massaged and function of the area can be regained faster. There is less chance of injury reoccurring when treated.

Increases fitness capabilities

Sports massage can aid recovery time, improve flexibility, strengthen muscle and help you to train more efficiently and regularly. This massage is also great for preventing injury while training.

Benefits the body pre and post-performance

Pre event massage uses vigorous, fast and rhythmic strokes which warms up the muscles and prepares you for activity. Post event massage is slower and aims to relax the muscles and clear out waste products such as lactic acid to help the muscles to relax and recover faster.

Pain relief

Whether due to injury or delayed onset muscle soreness from exertion, massage can aid pain relief by reducing swelling, breaking up knots and scarring and interrupting the pain gate cycle. It will provide a relaxation response (except in pre event) and release pain relieving hormones.


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Sports Massage can also be combined with other treatments, including Indian Head Massage.