What is Indian Head Massage good for?

what is indian head massage good for

What is Indian Head Massage Good For? Lots! It has many benefits. It releases tension and stiffness in head, neck, shoulders, and face which are areas that can be prone to holding a lot of physical and mental/emotional stress. Because Indian head massage focuses on pressure points in these areas it is also good for ailments associated with these areas such as headache, migraine, sinusitis, tinnitus, tense jaw muscles and puffiness and congestion of the face. It can diminish mental fatigue and exhaustion and promote hair growth by nourishing the scalp and hair follicles.

Is Indian head massage safe during pregnancy?

Yes – after the first trimester. While many holistic treatments are actually safe from the beginning of pregnancy (with the exception of some particular pressure points), the first trimester is the most uncertain phase of pregnancy. As such, many therapists, including myself, will avoid treatment until after the first trimester as it is possible and understandable that any setback could be linked to the treatment so I consider it best practice to treat from the second trimester onwards. Indian head massage is actually a lovely treatment to receive for mums to be as it can relieve a lot of physical tension put on the shoulders and back. It is nice for the expectant mum to feel pampered as the head and face part is especially soothing.

Does Indian head massage use oils?what is indian head massage good for

Yes and no. It’s up to you, the client! Some people prefer not to use oils because they have somewhere to be after the treatment. There are many essential oils available with different aromatherapeutic benefits and suitable for different people with different issues. Oils can help make the treatment even more deeply relaxing, and help to stimulate and nourish the hair and skin to encourage healthy growth. But you can still get plenty of benefits without the oils if that doesn’t suit you, or you have a terrible neck or shoulder ache and just need treatment while you’re on your break and don’t want to go back to work with messy looking hair!

I hope this answers your questions. If you’d like to book a treatment today or you’d like to discuss your situation, you can contact me at lindsay@misneachtherapy.com or see my homepage to call or text!